Run Upcote Frequently Asked Questions

I first fell in love with the farm a decade ago, and every year since I've been back to help build the world's best festival, 2000 Trees. It was during one of these events a few years ago that the seed of an idea was born, around the camp fire, with a beer. It's taken a while, but now Run Upcote has been born with three key aims...

(1) Share the beauty of Upcote Farm, my favourite place in the world.

(B) Create a running event I would want to attend with organisation and a course I can be proud of.

(iii) Not lose money doing it!

It is a challenging time for events, but rest assured that just means we are being extra careful with your safety.

Prior to race day we will publish a full risk assessment here on the site detailing how we are tackling covid transmission at this event, it might feel slightly different to the last race you did but only until you cross the start line then it's pure running and admiring the view all the way!

You will receive a race briefing email prior to event day with information on accessing the car park, registering to run and how you can help us keep everyone safe.

Registration will be on the day, you will not receive anything in the post.

Businesses - see the "sponsor opportunities" page for some great ways to be associated with this and future Run Upcote events.

Volunteers - reach out to jamesclayevents@hotmail.com, we can never have too many supportive marshals out on the course and there are a couple of other key roles we'd appreciate help with too.

Originally we had a slightly different event plan and as such it was more expensive. As plans changed so did costs and we wanted to pass that on to runners, hence the reduction in price.

If you entered at the higher price there will be a cash refund waiting for you at registration on event day. If you don't collect your coins it will be considered a donation and any refunds left at the end of the day will be passed on to a local charity

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