Run Upcote Frequently Asked Questions

I first fell in love with the farm a decade ago, and every year since I've been back to help build award-winning festival, 2000 Trees. It was during one of these events a few years ago that the seed of an idea was born, around the camp fire, with a beer...and now we've enjoyed a few successful years and plan for many more! Run Upcote has been born with three key aims...

(1) Share the beauty of Upcote Farm, my favourite place in the world.

(B) Create a running event I would want to attend with organisation and a course I can be proud of.

(iii) Not lose money doing it!

You will receive a race briefing email prior to event day with information on accessing the car park, registering to run and how you can help us keep everyone safe.

Registration will be on the day, you will not receive anything in the post.

Businesses - see the "sponsor opportunities" page for some great ways to be associated with this and future Run Upcote events. https://runupcote.co.uk/sponsor-opportunities/

Volunteers - reach out to jamesclayevents@hotmail.com, we can never have too many supportive marshals out on the course and there are a couple of other key roles we'd appreciate help with too.

It was amazing to host the young runners at our first Run Upcote event, but unfortunately it came at a huge cost in terms of insurance premiums. (Seriously, huge, our largest outgoing by some margin). Future events will be affiliated to England Athletics and licensed by the Trail Running Association which provides comprehensive insurance for race organisers and participants. Unfortunately their guidelines stipulate that races of this distance can only be entered by runners 16 years and older.
We love dogs and well behaved dogs are welcome to support as long as they are kept on lead and you clean up after them (this is essential; the field will be returned to grazing immediately after the race and dog faeces is hazardous to sheep). Unfortunately though, as part of our licence agreement with England Athletics and the Trail Running Association, we cannot allow dogs to be involved in the race.

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